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Adoption Evaluations are a rewarding part of my job. I have completed a number of Adoption Evaluations for the District Courts in Collin and Denton County, Texas. I have traveled out of state to conduct home studies and am willing to do so if necessary. I enjoy meeting families and helping them through the adoption evaluation process.

Child Custody

The best child custody evaluations are ones that are sustainable, inclusive, and tailored to a family’s unique needs and, most importantly, the child’s best interest. These evaluations also take into account the various family relationships of the child, siblings, and meet the child’s evolving needs. I have over 30 years experience as a licensed clinical social worker and marriage and family therapist. I am on the “approved list” of child custody evaluators for the Denton County District Courts, and I have conducted a number of evaluations for the Collin County and Denton County District Courts.

Therapy and Counseling

My principles of therapy and counseling are firmly entrenched in building trust and maintaining confidentiality of my clients. I adhere to the core values of the National Association of Social Workers which encompass personal integrity, valuing the dignity and self-worth of every individual, understanding the importance of human relationships, and providing competent services to my clients through continuing education / training, following evidence based practices, and staying abreast of current trends in social work practice.

Therapy and counseling services include:

  • Individual Therapy for adults, children, and teenagers.
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Reunification Therapy
  • Consultation for high-conflict divorce and child custody matters. We discuss options, and I prepare the client for what to expect in court-ordered child custody evaluations and mediation.

Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy is a specialized form of family therapy that is usually court ordered and is provided in response to a child (or children) resisting contact with a parent in a high conflict divorce or separation case. Reunification therapy addresses the needs of the whole family where traits of alienation, estrangement, or an unhealthy alignment with the preferred parent occurs resulting in the child’s resistance to visitation or contact with the non-preferred parent.

There are usually a number of reasons or factors that cause the child to resist the non-preferred parent. As a therapist, I will work with the whole family (with the primary focus on the child) to identify the factors that are causing the breakdown in the parent-child relationship and develop a reunification plan to address or target these specific factors.

Potential benefits for the child include reduction of stress, anxiety, anger, and resistance toward the non-preferred parent; improved critical thinking and conflict management skills; and, a greater understanding of how to avoid getting caught up in their parent’s issues. The potential benefits to the parents include reduction of parental stress, conflict, and repeated mistakes; improved parenting effectiveness; and, developing a healthier, balanced family relationship.

Therapy for Therapists

Many therapists practice self-care but therapists are not immune from “life.” Our training helps us resolve our issues, but resolving all of them….well we are human! We have to be honest with ourselves and be willing to look at our own stuff in order to be health for our clients. I love helping therapists do a self check. I find the healthiest therapists are those that take time to look inward.


If one has a Master of Social Work degree and is seeking to be licensed in the State of Texas to practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I can help you by providing supervision. I have been a LCSW-S since 2006. My Texas license number is 10988.

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Robin Case

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor (LCSW-S) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). I have over 30 years of social work experience. You are ONE STEP CLOSER to taking control of your life, dealing with personal or family events in your life, and finding a healthy balance in your life. LET’S TALK!


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